The Electric Crayon Tattoo Company has been offering quality and affordable tattoos and body piercings in Aurora Co. since 2009. All artists are trained in proper and safe tattooing and piercing to ensure safety for all of our clients.

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Sunday 12:00 – 8:00 pm


Featured Work


Steve is an amazing artist and I am always 110% pleased with his work. Super clean lines, no blow outs or anything. He can take a simple idea and make is way beyond what I could have ever imagined. I also trust that he knows what he is capable of and won’t leave you with a crappy tattoo. Such an entertaining guy to talk to during the tattoo and with amazing work, there’s no doubt that I would recommend him to anyone and everyone. Thanks Steve!Miranda Lynch
I got my tattoo from Piper, as did my fiancé. Piper did a good job both designing our tattoos and took his time to make them look good. He did an amazing job with picking colors, and shading, and the line work was phenomenal. I would totally recommended him to anyone i know and i know we both are going back to get more. Michelle Caffey
Zach did an phenomenal job on a piece of artwork that is deeply sentimental to me. He is truly a gifted artist. I will be returning to him for all of my future artwork. I highly recommend Zach as well as the rest of the artist at The Electric Crayon. My entire experience was meaningful, memorable and thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish! Kristina Gibson Sigler
Loved this place! super clean, the people knew what they were talking about, able to handle a lot of business and chaos but are still able to give good explanations and also know how to have a good time!Dillon Thompson