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I’ve been tattooing since 2001, and piercing since 2002. Self taught, I opened my first tattoo shop after my first year (Inferno Tattoo on south Broadway, Denver, CO).  Over the next 3 to 5 years I opened 3 other successful shops (The Underworld, Stay Local and The Electric Crayon). I’ve travelled all over the United States, tattooing at multiple tattoo conventions from coast to coast.

I had several apprentices over the years who have gone on to work as full time tattoo artists and body piercers. Some of which have since opened their own shops here in Colorado and abroad. I still teach the art of tattooing and piercing to this day.

I sold all of the shops and am currently the manager of the Electric Crayon in Aurora, CO. This has allowed me to concentrate more on the actual tattooing and to spend more quality time with family.

Although I do all styles of tattooing, my favorite is super bright full color.

I always get asked what is the best tattoo I have ever done? I always reply ” the next one that comes thru the door “. I just always try to make the next one just that much better then the last one. If you feel you have nothing to improve, and learn then you shouldn’t be tattooing anymore. That’s what’s great about working with other great artist, you push each other to progress, and learn from each other.

I love the body art industry and everything it has done for me.

Favorite quote:

~ Give me a piece of your skin as my canvas and I will give you a piece of my soul.

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